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Nel! Nel!

Terra Nova

8:00 p.m. Friday, December 14, 2001
Christ Church Cathedral, 1117 Texas [map]

Co-Sponsored by the Religion & Arts Council, Christ Church Cathedral

Our yearly holiday ornamentwelcome the Yuletide season at a spirited Mediterranean Provenal/gypsy fte. The festive sounds of strings, percussion, and voices celebrate this most special time of year. Free admission for children under twelve.

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Holiday Reception - After the concert, join us in the Great Hall for amusements and libations.

Terra Nova Consort

Sue Carney - vox afill alto, guitarria, alto krummhorn, tenor dulcien, soprano recorder, palmas

Kay Hilton - voz natura soprano, castanets, palmas, tabor, tar, tambourine, woodblock

Julie Jeffrey - treble and bass viols, baroque guitar, alto recorder

Patricia OScannell - voz fcil mezzo soprano, alto shawm, tenor viol, sopranino and

soprano recorders, bass krummhorn, goat nail shakers, palmas

David Rogers - lutes, cittern, bass viol


with special guest

Ethan James - hurdy-gurdy


Nol! Nol!

Bressarello (from Nouv Prouven ao) [Text by A.Teodor Aubanel]

voz f cil mezzo soprano (fresh), voz afill alto (rasping), voz natur soprano

lute ,guitarria, bass viol, tambourine, goat nail shakers

Tout mon plus grand plasir (Nouv Prouven ao)

sopranino recorder, treble viol, hurdy-gurdy, alto krummhorn, bass viol, tambourine

La fe coumando de crire (from Recueil des No ls) [Text by Saboly]

voz fcil, afill , y natur , cittern, guitarria, hurdy-gurdy, tenor viol, bass viol


Tu que cerques tei delice (Recueil des No ls) [Text by Saboly]

voz f cil, afill , y natur , soprano recorder, bass krummhorn, hurdy-gurdy, cittern, baroque guitar, tambourine


Lei pastouru (Nouv Prouven ao)

treble viol, alto shawm, hurdy-gurdy, lute, guitarria, tambourine

Vnes lu vire la piucello (Nouv Prouven ao)

treble and tenor viols, dulcien, hurdy-gurdy, cittern, tabor


Li a proun de gnt (Recueil des No ls)

treble viol, alto shawm, dulcien, hurdy-gurdy, cittern, woodblock


Je sais, vierge Marie (from The Oxford Book of Carols) Traditional

voz natur , treble, tenor, and bass viols, guitarria


The First Nol Traditional



Ai! la bono fourtuno (Nouv Prouven au) [Text by Saboly]

voz f cil, voz afill , alto shawm, bass viol, lute, guitarria, palmas

Li a quaucarn que m' a fa pu (Recueil des No ls) [Text by Saboly]

voz afill, alto recorder, hurdy-gurdy, tenor viol, bass viol, tar


A la ci uta de Betelen (Nouv Prouven ao)

soprano recorder, alto krummhorn, lute, hurdy-gurdy, bass viol, tambourine

Que diss, mei bon fraire? (Recueil des No ls) [Text by Saboly]

voz facil, voz afill, soprano recorder, alto krummhorn, lute, baroque guitar, castanets, palmas

Ai proun couneigu toun jo (Nouv Prouven au) [Text by Saboly]

voz f cil, voz natur , treble viol, tenor viol, alto krummhorn, cittern

Adam e sa coumpagno (Recueil des No ls)

soprano recorders, lute, bass viol

Maire, lei campagno (Nouv Prouven au) [Text by Marius Bourrelly]

voz f cil, voz natur , voz afill , alto shawm, lute, baroque guitar, guitarria, woodblock

Silent Night Traditional


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