Houston Early Music

Educational Outreach

Music can become a precious outlet for a child, engaging his creativity, increasing his mathematical and cognitive skills and stimulating a possible life-long passion. Researchers have shown that participation in the arts can increase attention span, improve coordination, reduce tension, and increase critical-thinking skills, thus allowing a child a greater chance of excelling in other areas such as math and the sciences. Children who have access to music have been shown to have a much lower drop-out rate and increased self-esteem.

You can make this happen in Houston for a child through your donations to Houston Early Music for its educational outreach. This year, our educational programs will fill a much-needed void in the classroom through workshops featuring performers on our series and musicians in the Houston area. Our educational events and concert ticket programs will reach out to more than 3000 students at the elementary, high-school, and college levels and will enrich the content of history, literature, and fine-arts classes. They will allow children and young adults to hear live music performances along with sessions where they actually have the opportunity to play an instrument. Through these experiences, history is brought to life helping children develop an appreciation of other cultures.

Are we doing enough? NO! Can you make a difference? YES! By volunteering your time or giving a donation, you are investing in the future and helping to increase an awareness and knowledge of the fine arts. For information on what you might do to help to make these programs possible, please call us.