Houston Early Music

Privacy Policy for Houston Early Music's Internet Services

Houston Early Music will use information provided by our patrons and web visitors only for the purpose of providing information about our organization and early music in Houston. Specifically:

Web Site

Houston Early music does not collect any personal or individual information about visitors to this web site. We place no "cookies" or files on your computer. We download no active or potentially dangerous executable components to your computer when you view our web pages.

HoustonEarlyMusicNews Email List

HoustonEarlyMusicNews email list is only for announcements of concerts and other events . If you join the list, your email address will be kept private and used for no other purpose than providing you with information about our organization. We will not make your email address available to any other party. No other subscribers will be able to see your address or make use of it. You will receive messages only from authorized persons authorized by Houston Early Music.

HoustonEarlyMusicTalk Discussion Group

HoustonEarlyMusicTalk is an open, unmoderated discussion group with unrestricted membership. If you join, you may receive messages from other members. Houston Early Music does not pre-screen or edit messages and is not responsible for the content of messages posted to the group. If you do not send messages, your email will not be visible, and others will have no knowledge of your membership. If you do send or reply to messages in the group, any information in your message, including your email address and signature lines attached by your email program, will be visible to other members of the group. 

It is possible to receive a virus, if another member sends a message with a virus-infected file attached and you open the attachment. You should observe safe computing practices as you would with any other email and scan all attachments prior to opening them on your computer.