Three Weddings and a Funeral

Celebratory Music of Guillaume Du Fay (1397-1474)

and his Contemporaries




LAURIE MONAHAN, mezzo-soprano

CRISTI CATT, soprano



With guests:

SHIRA KAMMEN, vielle & harp


GRANT HERREID, plectrum lute, tenor




Love and Courtship


Farewell to the Single Life: Je vous pri/Ma tres doulx ami/Tant que mon argent

            Midnight Serenade:  Belle, vueilliés vostre mercy

                                                Quelle Fronte

The Wheel of Fortune: Je me complain

To the God of Love: Donnes L’assault


 Bachelor And Bachelorette Party


A Toast:  Puisque vous estez campien

Set of Instrumental Dances

A Tale:  La belle se siet

A Toast: He, compaignons, resvelons nous


First Wedding Celebration: Carlo Malatesta and Vittoria di Lorenzo


Bride’s Prayer to the Virgin Mary: Vergene bella

Groom’s Affirmation of Courtly Love: Ma belle dame souverainne


Resvelliés vous – composed for this wedding

Instrumental: Wedding processional

Wedding Ceremony: Gloria from Missa sine nomine, composed for this wedding











Funeral of Binchois


Processional:  Dirge


                        Les douleurs, dont me sens tel somme

                        En triumphant

                        Mort, tu as navré de ton dart                       Johannes Ockeghem (1410-1497)

                       Par droit je puis bien




Second Wedding: Cleofe Malatesta and Theodore Palaiologos


Groom’s Terror about the Arranged Marriage: Malheureulx cuer

Bride Bids Farewell to Her Country and Lover: Adieu m’amour, adieu ma joye


Instrumental Prelude

Vasilissa ergo gaude – composed for this wedding




Third Wedding: Anne de Lusignan and Louis of Savoy


Tousjours – canonic rondeau instrumental    Music of Cyprus 15th c.                            

Portrait of Anne: Contre Doulour               Music of Cyprus

Portrait of Louis: Se la face ay pale


            Instrumental Improvisation: The blind fiddlers of the Duke of Burgundy

            A Final Toast: Bon Jour Bon Mois!